I am a having a new life after many years of struggle. No this is not new news but it is wonderful news.

I was tired and beat down and so worn out from years of too much! My health was not good, but the worst thing that had happened was that I had lost my connection to the Divine. I am so happy to report that it all turned out well. I was very delighted to meet my Spiritual Teacher Said Maa Lakshmi Devi. It has to be pretty amazing when your teacher calls you on your phone. It is a privilege to see one’s teacher regularly to have her correct you, to have a Teacher who carries the title Jagadguru, Guru of all Gurus. “It is the Love” says Maa in her interview with A reporter Cindi. Check out you tube sai maa with Cindi

And I, so blessed to be Maa’s student.
The most important thing I learned from Maa was to access the Divine within my very own heart. Within my very own breath.

In the 10 years since I have been with Sai Maa, I am so healed. So much more aware. So happy, so happy I have to tell you, I feel so empowered and so, so very delighted to be on this path to be a Master. Stay tuned.  Maa is an enlightened Master and her teachings are so applicable to a day to day  life. Check Maa out.



It seems that so much is happening so often that I do not take the time to practice my yoga short of a couple of positions, or garden instead of taking a brisk walk. There are late tomatoes coming in,eggplant and some Swiss Chard. With the weather cooling and the leaves coloring up it is an excellent time for me to take a walkabout with my camera. This morning I had a dream that I was in a martial arts class. The exercises were wonderful  for my back so I got up and did them! Wonderful.

This last weekend was very busy with many poetry events. On Saturday we had the 100,000 POETS FOR CHANGE at the Folly on the Bradley and Carol Sander’s Farm. As always it was wonderful to be there!

There were many poets reading and performing their works throughout the day. We had delicious food and drink provided by A Step in Time from Harper’s Ferry and Ron Kipling Williams an activist spoken word performance artist from Baltimore headlined.

Al Thomas, the driving force of the Folly structure was at the poetry event also and it was great to see him there. He was telling the story of how the Folly came about.

He had been off work for awhile as he was caring for his mother who had alzheimer’s and he was in need of a project. Al has been a timber framer for many years practicing his craft all over the world. He asked Bradley Sanders who agreed and so the Folly came to be.

The Folly is set among the trees on the farm and seating is provided by wonderful wooden benches also handmade and supported by logs of varying heights.

I was blessed to be part of the construction of the Folly. Helping with preparation and videoing the event and the erection. It is a tremendous pity that video disappeared.  Oh well, time passes, 23  and some years ago. Al  and a crew of us locals also built a Trebuchet and a throne in the timber frame format.

Over the years the Folly has provided a stage for the Fishtails production a musical with amazing large automated puppets created by Bradley Sanders and produced by Lisa Lafferty with local children and some adults performing. Many musicians and poets and artists have graced the stage of the Folly. We had the Tiny Circus perform a couple of years and it has been the site of the other timber frame projects and workshops. A truly rich experience and one we appreciate and will do so for many years to come.


I have a few photographs to share from our recent Shepherdstown parade. Top Left the historic auto, Benita Keller photographer and Steve,An Avanti and lastly my friend Kerry and her daughter Elizabeth.Women of the Eastern Star. Incidentally there is an Eastern Star engraved into the hearth at my old home, built in the late 1800s.

INSIDE OUTSIDE Poems by Sue Silver

I am pleased to announce the publication by New Academia Press of my poetry book Inside Outside Poems by Sue Silver. It is available online through New Academia Press at  

I had reading and book signing which was very well attended at Four Seasons Books in my town here in Shepherdstown,on May 20th. I happened to stop in later, the 1st of June or so and Kendra said oh look at this. Every month they publish a list of what bestsellers at the bookstore. At the top in number 1 place for fiction was my book. A poetry book best seller in the fiction category for the month of May! Perfect. I am thrilled.

My book is also available on Amazon. Look for me there as  INSIDE OUTSIDE Poems by Sue Silver.



INSIDE OUTSIDE Poems by Sue Silver

I am pleased to announce the publication of my first poetry book by New Academia Press, INSIDE OUTSIDE Poems by Sue Silver. Wonderful! Fantastic!! all those wonderful words. I am so happy.

I will be doing a reading and signing of my book at Four Season’s Books at 116 W German St, Shepherdstown, WV 25443 at 2pm. Please come.

Here’s a taste from my book.





They say if you wish to reach enlightenment

you must lose your desires.


Well that’s a tough one.

Why would I wish to give up my little wants


my wishes and the stuff that gets me outta bed

like earning that paycheck


so I can head home to New Zealand for eight weeks

whose lovely green shores, land of the long white cloud


I haven’t set foot on for over 10 years.

See the faces, share the love with my family there,


I had to weep and when my old love met me

at the airport, his voice, his walk just the same in that corner


of my heart where we never let go.

How about that desire to scratch that itch?


Never mind the racks of clothes and shoes

the jewelry in that big glass case


I just want to hear the loudest thunder cracking overhead

waking me in my bed, sit on my porch and breathe the rain.


Just one more time, this time, I want to feel my heart

explode with love, know the joy, the tenderness in this moment.




The dark waters, brown colored

in their depths, know nothing of my blood

running out from this deep gash

while fishing, this new knife unwieldy in my hands.



The kindness of strangers

asking if I’d caught anything

helping in my distress to bind my wound

stem the flow for all I know

the uncaught fish sallying for light

caught in a flash of reflection

watched me from beneath the pier

amazed at my ignorance, eating gladly

the bloodworm I dropped there.



At the hospital the nurses take such care

I am swept and cleaned and stitched

the lost light of this lovely afternoon

a picture past.


I visit again this windy pier

I do not cast nor attend to fishing gear

but walk and sit and linger in the cold

and ask the fish for another year.


My book is available at    INSIDE OUTSIDE Poems by Sue Silver


I am going to start doing readings at other venues as well. I’ll let you know.




















Since the election of our present administration, many people have been thrown into standing up more fully to what they believe, but not just believe, know to be right and who they are in their heart of hearts. The progress we have made in caring for our planet, the environments of our health, our country, our stand as leaders of the western world and as our own stand as members of a multiracial world with all it’s diversity. The concerns around our  US economy and our own personal stand as human beings in a world which has become more global in it’s needs and perceptions.

The fact that our current Administration is poised to take apart the advances we have made in Environmental stewardship,specifically in this case, the financial support of the Chesapeake Bay cleanup, which has taken enormous strides in the status of it’s ecological balance,and  is now at risk, due to the President’s Executive order on reducing regulations, and taking away any federal funding of the continuing cleanup process.

Here is a link to the website.

OF NOTE:  We call the federal pollution limits and the state plans, together, the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint. The deadline for completing the Blueprint is 2025.

“The Blueprint recognizes that millions of pounds of nitrogen land directly in the Bay from air pollution. That nitrogen comes largely from burning fossil fuels to, for example, provide electricity and power our cars. The Blueprint provides that new Clean Air Act regulations would limit nitrogen from those sources. Some of those regulations must be updated. Because of the order, however,  may not improve those rules and the amount of nitrogen from the air may not be decreased sufficiently to meet Blueprint goals and a restored Bay.”

Source includes:  Chesapeake Bay Foundation website.


Save the There are a important facts at this site concerning the continuing pollution of our water supplies. Here’s the bottom line. “….even here in the U.S. where regulations are stringent, we find unacceptable levels of dangerous chemicals in our drinking water.”

Source of quote

Be involved. educate yourself, make a difference and speak up.

Last but not least I would like to address how important it is to align ourselves with the Divine. What the heck is that you well may ask!

There is so much Light coming to our planet at this time. Our world is going through a state of transformation to a State of Transfiguration. Thus the inflowing powerful new spiritual energies of the Light Alliance from our Galaxy and beyond  working closely with many humans is affecting our planet. The  dark Cabal is being shown to humanity.

I can only be responsible for my own spiritual strength by practicing meditation, my mantra and what forms I have been taught that do really strengthen and deepen my experience of Divine Love and real Peace within me. Are you ready?

The Holiday Season

It is for some, Christmas and others Hanukkah, still others, a celebratory meal, family gathering, perhaps for some it is a soup kitchen,or perhaps none of those. It is traditionally a time of sharing and giving.

We are in the consciousness of a human world complete with it’s foibles, fears, strengths and weaknesses.  Wars,bar fights and drunkenness, and addictions.  Wars between men and women, people, religion and ideas.

What  can  we do to heal our wounds? Bring peace to this world for those of us who might be interested in doing so. It sure won’t happen by fighting war with war. As this article  in the Earthjustice blog, an article written by Raul Garcia reads…


By Raul Garcia | Tuesday, November 22, 2016

He says when he went there to report and see the for himself what was going on. “We were missing how peaceful, respectful and solemn this struggle is.Even when we were talking about politics, the sacredness of it all was what tribe members conveyed as important. The respect of the people overcame any thought of animosity, and the solemnity of the place and the need to protect nature inspired peaceful unity. This indigenous vision of sacred air, sacred water and sacred land was striking to me.”He also said “he had not  seen a single story ( in the media) that elevates this type of story.”

An interview with the chairman of the Indian Sioux nations Dave Archambalt II, told of his insistence that all those gathered make their presence a prayer. “We are not here to fight, we are here to save our water through a prayerful presence.”

We all know what the outcome for at least the short term is for the Dakota Pipeline. Once the Trump administration gets in, well, that may be a different story. The point of saying this is that Mr Garcia went on to say and don’t we all know it, that in Washington DC where he lives “polarized rhetoric dominates the landscape.”

Why are we so addicted to sensation and the negative? How can we have a world of Peace? Perhaps it is an individual story. Raising our own personal vibration to one of that of Peace. A peacefulness that knows no boundaries. I can only be responsible for my own self. My own vibration and I know that by meditation, breath work and mantra, dancing and chanting, I find my vibration is raised and it feels good as well.

I have a daily practice of meditation and chanting and mantra. I love my practice. It is a delight and a place of true rest and rejuvenation. A prayerful Presence.

Whatever we want in our lives it pales to the scope of this work. We well may ask ourselves why we came to this planet, why we took birth now, when all the signs say the great transformation is at hand. The Hopi call it the coming of the Fifth World.

The Hopi prophesies also predict a nuclear holocaust. The Hindu calendar predicts Peace. A Golden Age of Peace.

Are you ready? Are you up for the real fight? Your strength of heart and mind, your alignment with your soul? Alignment with the  Divine Light? Here then, is the invitation.



Nicaragua Calling

I am a woman who is blessed in so many ways. My trip to Nicaragua in February of this year was also a very real healing trip for myself as well.My experiences with our wonderful group of women that I travelled with who gave their time and talents to this project and the ProNica partners attending our workshops had a profound effect. Experiencing their bravery, the work they all do is wonderful. I am very grateful I was able to join them on this trip and I look forward to going again sometime.  Oh, did I mention, we travelled to Managua on my birthday! We went with a humanitarian Group called ProNica. Here is Bette’s article from the ProNica Summer Newsletter.

Warm breezes welcomed our team of six healers to Managua on Feb 18, 2016. The group settled in at Quaker House where we were greeted with a delicious meal and hugs from ProNica staff. The team included massage therapists, yoga teachers, a psychologist and a sex therapist. For several team members it was their first visit to Nicaragua. Our mission was to lead workshops and retreats on trauma healing for ProNica staff and partners in various parts of the country.

The first day the team visited sites in the city of Managua and listened intensely to the history of the country. It was important to understand the context of the country and the inter-connectedness of our nations. The tree-lined Salvador Allende Bolivar brought us to present times as we admired the “trees of life” that were created by first lady, Dona Rosario Ortego. The well-lit metal structures loom tall and powerful on the avenue and around the city. Political billboards proclaiming the strength and goodness of the Ortega government are everywhere. A tourist might surmise there were no other political parties in Nicaragua.

Our first workshop was a one-day AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project) training on trauma healing held at the Kairos Center. ProNica partner, Harold Urbina, and other AVP facilitators from around the country enjoyed the intense “advanced” workshop experience. For most of our team, it was an introduction to AVP and the popular education modality.
Next we traveled to the Centro de Retiros La Palmera in Diriamba to spend the next few days with Los Quinchos staff. Initially, we visited the children and were entertained by a visiting circus working with the former street children for a month. Our team was excited by the holistic approach of Los Quinchos to the traumatized street children. We observed them learning new skills (like sewing or drumming), cooking together and a cooperative family approach.

“The best part of the experience for me was working with Los Quinchos staff. It was amazing to see their resilience, desire to learn and help in spite of all they had been through themselves. “Sometimes I feel jaded about the world, and working with them boosted my sense of hope.” This statement is from Melanie Ricaurte, one of the team members. Her reflection was shared after several days in retreat with the amazingly resilient and resourceful staff of Los Quinchos.
Our third – and final- retreat was held in San Ramon at the Sueno de la Campana Retreat Center. Retreatants came from ProNica’s northern partners, and some traveled for many hours by bus to join us. Casa del Nino, Casa Materna, Rio Blanco Women’s Network were all well represented at the retreat.

Each person was scheduled to receive a massage and got called from the circle when their turn came. Again we explored types of trauma with a popular education format. We spoke of stages of grief and how to deal with them. There was ample time to share stories and learn some new information as well. For many the five circles of sexuality were a welcome way to explore issues of relationship and violence. The circles include: sexualization, sensuality, intimacy, sexual identity and sexual health and reproduction.
In addition to leading the three retreats, the team had time to swim at Laguna de Apoyo, stroll along the lakeshore waterfront park in Managua, and have a mini-retreat at La Garnacha near Esteli.
The healers were all pleased to participate in this project. They were deeply moved by their interactions with ProNica partners who are so deeply committed to the work of social change. Several described a deep healing that happened to them during the experience as well.
Understanding the historical and political context was crucial for the healers in addressing the origins of trauma in the country. We hope and trust that out healing work with ProNica partners affected them as much as it did us. Just Peace Circles, Inc plans to return with another team of healers in February of 2017, as way opens.
By Bette Hoover, Just Peace Circles Inc. & Baltimore Yearly Meeting


Happy New Year 2016 HANG on we’re OFF

It is 2016, this year in February I am going to Managua, Nicaragua, to do  various kinds of healing on the many healers in that area giving their lives, devoting their lives to the care and healing of mankind in one form or another. My friend Betty has been doing this kind of work and service for many years in such places as Honduras and Nicaragua. She has honored those who have little in war torn nations. We are going to work with the folks that run an orphanage, among one of the places we will be visiting  There are many orphans in Nicaragua after the wars and slaughter that have taken place there. Such a need. We are going under the auspices of an organization that has worked with the Quaker Community over the years to bring Peace in whatever way they can to this nation, so torn and weary and now somewhat for sale to the highest bidder seemingly. If one can hear the tyrant words of the Chinese Businessman wanting to put through a canal similar to the Panama Canal. It would cut a  swathe through farmland, rain forests and  the largest natural inland lake, tearing asunder natural vegetation and water levels and stripping good farmland from many farmers.

Change is difficult for any nation and weighing the pros and cons of any large project that seemingly decimates natural lands without adequate studies in view of the possible destruction of a major natural lake and so many farms and well I already said it, the question is why? how can this benefit. We have already seen oil companies come in and devastate communities, spilling oil on delicate land, ecosystems and peoples turned to slave labor. We don’t hear much about the consequences, NBC is not reporting it. Unless you are listening to some news reports outside of the general American airwaves you will not hear those reports.

No, America is made out to be too perfect, however I digress. So I am going to Nicaragua with 5 other healers and we are going to be presenting Trauma healing workshops and massage and energy healing and body movement among our combined modalities, to these women and men to help and to support their healing.

We are going to be traveling through the countryside and drinking in the beauty of Nicaragua. Listening to the song of birds and water, wind and the green that is everywhere there. The heat and the sun. We are going to listen to the voices of her people and her land and we are going to be living there and listening.I pray we can truly make a difference. Many of the people we will be working with have been victims of the war machine, rapes and murders of family members, rape of themselves, their own body and deep loss. Deep deep loss.

This I have learned and it is a simple fact, that when  you ask the Divine to come through you and allow you to serve in some sweet way, the Divine says yes as much and more, as deep and as willing as you are to say yes, the Divine says Yes even louder and so much deeper.