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Boats in the Snow 4 Boats in the Snow 1-2

In Annapolis

In Annapolis

Boats in the Snow 3

In Annapolis this week we have had some lovely snowstorms. Driving to work yesterday was definitely challenging, but I do have those years of driving in Michigan which will last you forever.At least I think so. I would drive to downtown Detroit from Ann Arbor on Sundays for meditation with Yogacharya J Oliver Black, a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda who started a meditation and satsang group called Self Realization Fellowship or SFR back in the 1950s.
Mr Black was definitely an enlightened Master in his own right and had a fairly large group of people who attended the Sunday meditation at a beautiful old church in Detroit.

I remember the many beautiful and deep experiences of meditation I had then and how those experiences gave and continue to give me such peace in my life.
My present teacher is Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, an Enlightened Master with whom I have been studying for the last 6 years. This is my 7th year with Sai Maa. I feel very blessed and I am so grateful to have Maa in my life. Her teachings are very clear and down to earth. They can be found on her website and at the bookstore on that website a book called Petals of Grace.

Today I went for a great walk down to the river and took some photos. The contrast of the snowy river and the boats is lovely.

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Hanukkah and Christmas

It is the season of Hanukkah and the season of Christmas. The season for giving and greeting. Old friends and family new friends and traditions. The marrying of the old and new.
Give in gratitude to the Divine within you, just a few minutes of your time. Give that attention to celebrate your life, the preciousness of this human life.
How blessed we are no matter our age or state at this time in our lives.
Give this gift of your attention and gratitude in quiet, in stillness within or in prayer
Allow the Divine to flow through you, fill your heart with that love, that joy.
Blessings to you all, dear readers.
Wishing you all Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity in the New Year.

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I am so pleased to announce that I have been chosen as the featured poet for the month of December on the Dan Murano website at Dan has also included several of my photographs.
What a thrill!! What excitement!! I am honored.

This November and December are shaping up to be really outstanding for my life in poetry.

I am putting together a chapbook to enter into some contests for 2015. It is certainly about time and I am so grateful to Grace Cavalieri and Sonja James for all their encouragement and support. Thank you so much.


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Dear Readers I am so happy to announce the publication of my poem ” Heading That Way”
In Lummox #3 2014. You can find that publication at and order a copy, which I hope you will as it has so very much to offer.
I am very grateful to be included in this publication. There are many wonderful writers in this tome of 170 poets which includes interviews with Grace Cavalieri,John Macker, Doug Holder, Rick Smith and Daniel MCGinn. There are lots of photos and some cartoons. This is a publication to keep at your bedside table, take with you on a long trip or to the islands this winter.
You will find my poem on page 69 and attributed to Susan Topping (Silver) rather than my usual nome de plume Sue Silver. This due to a misunderstanding with the editor RD as it is Susan Topping who pays the bills.
Yes it is time I officially changed my name. Is that hard to do? I will soon find out…

These days I am living between Annapolis, MD and Shepherdstown and I am really enjoying Annapolis. What an interesting town, filled with interesting and wonderful people just like Shepherdstown in so many ways, but of course so much larger.
I am not going to put my poem here just yet. Please support Lummox by buying a copy if you can.
Here’s a poem by Grace Cavalieri:

After Taking The Train To Martinsburg

–for Angel

Did you think that I could

Come to the mountains

Where it is raining

Without finding something to praise,

Only this time it is a dream

Shimmering like the new green

Out every window,

The remembrance of traveling

When young, feeling that

Something was needed but finding

The porches seemed small

From a distance,

Then left with nothing in particular

Your cheek next to mine

And how I’d like to show you

The mourning doves building

Their nest in the crook

Of that far tree

Stick by stick by stick

As if it will last forever.

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I see that these days because I am busy with work ( giving anesthesia at a GI center), so it’s not like I have long to sit down during cases where in the past, dear reader, I may have had some time to write a poem or an essay usually the former.Get some thoughts down on paper or to my iPhone notes.

What can I tell you about writing. I am so grateful that I can write. It seems to run in my family. I have enjoyed writing since childhood.
I had Great-Aunts that were poets. I think that is notable.
I am hoping to get a copy of a book of poems published of my Great Auntie Cis’s poems.
At this time I am not putting any poems on this site unless they has been previously published, as I am hoping to publish what I have written.

I am so grateful for my life.The beauty of it, the hard and the easy, the painful and the joyful.

So I am writing for my life….. all of it.

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A Share for you from the Sai Maa blog I wrote

Arriving at the Denver Program the last event of Sai-Maa’s Passion Tour, I am drawn to the bookstore and there a large photograph of Maa, a close up of Sai Maa’s beautiful smile and loving eyes. My heart is so full and tears came readily as I sit with what can only be one of the most powerful photographs of Maa at Shivarartri.

This was the last stop on the Passion Tour with Sai Maa. The hall, completely full with standing room only. Many seeing Sai Maa for the first time. With Maa’s arrival my heart is bursting with joy and gratitude. My tears flow; these are tears that clear the way to my heart of hearts, opening my whole self, allowing it to be filled with that divine love, that divine Grace that just is, in Maa’s Presence.

Watching the many people go up to Maa to receive her Darshan I see how very generous Maa is of herself. How much Maa gives to us to raise our vibration, to educate us, and take us to the experience of the Divine within.

I am blessed to receive Maa’s Darshan, and Maa upon looking at the photograph I present for blessing says, “Oh Shivarartri, very powerful.” I am again in Maa’s Grace, which I remember each time I see in my mind’s eye this precious moment, face to face with her.

There is nothing so precious as being in the presence of Sai Maa. When Maa said “for those of you who are in pain, give it to me” my tears flowed, tears at the kindness and generosity of Sai Maa. Tears of joy, tears of love and devotion, welling from deep within. Those tears that come in the Presence of Maa are like no other.

Sai Maa’s Successors, Joey Klein, Lucinda Hanover, and Adam Rizvi, speak of new possibilities to step into. Possibilities of a much deeper relationship with the Divine. Joey speaks of discipline in the practice of one’s sadhana. The importance of physical and mental strength, of conscious thinking, and I am so glad that I have created a workout schedule that I can stick to and a daily sadhana . We meditate, and I see a golden light. When we dance, my feet are so light. The whole room is alive with happiness.

It is a “ turning point day” for me.

I was honored to be asked to write the blog article on my teacher Sai Maa’s Passion Tour stop in Denver, CO.

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I do have something to say about teachers

You can jump out in this world as a human and get teachings from all walks of life.
I myself have a spiritual bent. Always have.

So I have this to share from visiting my teacher Sai Maa.
Who is Sai Maa?
“Sai Maa is a world-renowned spiritual master, healer, and humanitarian. With a unique fusion of Eastern spiritual wisdom, Western therapeutic knowledge, and energetic mastery, Sai Maa shares teachings to uplift and empower others to master their lives as she has her own.”
I am quoting here from her website http//
Why should you be interested? ‘Cause I said check her out.

How did I find her?

My friend Tantra Maat told me about her.

I want to tell you, will you listen ? Can you hear? Your being will be healed. Sai Maa’s,
signature program, The Journey of Profound Healing is a most powerful program.

Take advantage of this. You will be amazed! Your heart will be healed, all that, all that has been carried, will be healed..
All the pain you have carried in your cells will be healed. Sai Maa pulls it out by the roots.
I am so grateful.

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Supreme Court Decision

What is going on in the USA? Religious freedoms are being trampled by the Conservative Supreme Court that’s what. The vote was 5 to 4.
I am appalled and I am sure many of my dear readers are too. How did this happen and please take the time to read the transcripts of this decision. You can read it here.
It is one thing to be in business and another to jam your religious beliefs down the throats of your employees by denying birth control insurance coverage to them.
Our Supreme Court to me has an extreme right view. Not just where the religious freedoms of this country are concerned , but also in allowing corporations to be viewed as people, and donate as much money as they like to political parties and candidates.
What’s left is for the people of this great nation to vote with their feet. Deny Hobby Lobby  Stores Inc and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp your business. Probably not many people will read my post here, however the wonderful site American at has a great article although they do not suggest voting with our feet.

In the meantime how good Obama care looks in this situation where folks can get coverage and pick what coverage they want unburdened by the religious beliefs of those who think they know when life begins in utero and who would compel those who cannot afford to have more children to do so because they say so!! Am I going too far?

Oh I could get into a real rave here, but I have other things to get on with today, but truly, I believe  this Decision is definitely NOT what the USA stands for.


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Meditation at The Mad Tea Party Jam 2014

What did you do this weekend? I was invited to lead a Guided Meditation  at the Mad Tea Party Jam. A music festival in our area which was produced by my friends Taco and Elise Olmstead. Hats off to them. Everywhere I went people were saying how the Festival was peaceful and what a pleasure it was to be there. And it was a beautiful festival on some very beautiful land in WV.  I was able to be there on the Saturday only as I had to attend some continuing education events in Washington DC.

An offering of this kind takes a whole lot of work and planning and there were many volunteers as well as staff.  Hats off to them as well!!

It was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed it. When I was younger I did go to a lot of festivals and it was definitely not like the Mad Tea Party Jam. There were several other workshops including mine. Other offerings were Yoga, for adults and kids, a painting workshop, Intermediate Hoop tricks, a Liquid Light workshop,an intro to Thai massage,  a nature walk and a kid’s bubble parade. 

There were a lot of families there with their kids and several children as well as adults attended the Guided Meditation. 

I feel honored to have been invited to do this and I look forward to participating in other festivals.ImageImage

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Crazy world we live in

Are you living in the USA, did you know that the internet here is quite a bit  slower than the rest of the world? Zounds we want the country to put all our medical stuff online which is cool and all but really lets speed up the internet!! Yes especially in the rural areas.

Any comments or info please post!!



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