A Poem and a few observations

Thought I would start sharing some of my poems on here and also some of my short stories, perhaps a comment or two on life in general..

Sometimes I find myself working so hard all day, all day. I am sure many of us do. Just overdo it. No break. I don’t even work so hard when I am being paid for it. There I get a break now and again.

With the May weather as lovely as it is, there’s lots to do in the garden.

The Blue Irises have bloomed giving off such a sweet fragrance, the deep purples are following on and the roses getting a head of steam up. Ahh and the clematis are in riot with their pale pink  faces beaming all over the trellis.

I took a flight to Denver last week and wrote this on the plane.


Today the edge of the world is visible.

It’s all a question of perspective.

The light, the shadows, movement

between the two

Like the human heart

Attached to the great vessels

Of the lungs and the body.

Oh the body with it’s rythyms

The hearts lub dub

The squirrelly squeaks of the intestines.

Rhythms essential to life

And joy, essential essences

Immeasurable gratitude

The way the parts of a life

Measure us in our minds eye

Stack up to a forgotten conversation.

Take a deep breath,

follow it’s path deeper

remember who you are

when all the words are done.


6 thoughts on “A Poem and a few observations

  1. Hi Sue,

    Neat site! I LOVED your poem and your picture of the sunset. I’m glad you have found this avenue to express your inner most thoughts and words. Keep writing.

  2. beautiful. the other posts are empty is that correct? so glad you see sharing the expansiveness of your heart.

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