Healing Hands

This last weekend was a great opportunity for me as I was invited to participate at The American Indian Center in Baltimore to offer massage and energy healing to folks. There were several other people involved who practiced their style of massage / energy healing. An acupuncturist, an herbalist and four of us massage therapists.
We had no shortage of people coming in to receive bodywork. We also served food which we had made and brought.
Everyone was so appreciative.
The weather cooperated which meant more people were out and about.
In another room there was testing for HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Wonderful! plus they had a support group information for people who tested positive.
In this day and age it is so important to be tested and know that there are treatments available.

On Sunday I was able to attend the prayerful ceremony of sweat lodge.
I first came across sweat lodge in 1985 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence.
That was along time ago. I had my two children with me that weekend. They were fairly small and both came in the lodge for a while.
My son received the name Little Bear and my daughter Running Doe.
I sweated with Charlie Thom, a Kurok medicine man from Northern California and he and his local person Shaw who bore the powerful name of Skybull were huge influences in my life for many many years.
We sweated together, did vision quests and had a tremendous community together for many years.

I love this kind of community. It is a wonderful place to grow and share. I feel honored and so grateful to be a part of the communities I live and work in and so grateful to all my teachers.

Through the canopy of tall trees
Evening’s birdcalls echo
We sit in a circle in prayer
The fire pit blessed
The fire built, stones stacked.
Reverent of the earth, singing
Together in prayer.

In time
Enter the lodge
Find our place
The ceremonial journey begins in sweetness
The tears, the sharp fragrance of healing herbs
Stones brought in
In prayer, in gratitude

Sage, lavender, sweet grass, tobacco on the hot stones
Water to the stones, steam rises.
It is hot,
A good hot to me,
The gift of the sacred lodge,
We sweat together.
Four rounds, one to
Each direction.
Healing comes.


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