In the Garden

I had a good time taking photographs of some of the flowers in my garden and my neighbor’s garden this week. Today I was able to get the lawn mowed which is always a good work out. 

Here’s a garden poem. I have more than one but this speaks to the day:



Today lawnmower girl is cutting wide swathes
in the too tall grass.Pushing the old snapper
back and forth, around the house.
Sephora, my cat, like a small black racing unit
running around me, comes to a sudden stop,
then off again. Pounding across our neighbor’s front porch
down the steps and out of sight.

Lawnmower girl,  kneeling, pulls out monster dandelions.
Maggiedog  nearby in the dog run is barking
watching supercat pounce on me sashay
around my hands, batting at the weeds
running up the tree, then away again full tilt.
Supercat and lawnmower girl-
Maggiedog, barking, barking announcing the antics.Image


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