DOG AND POET WALK



                                My dog Dingo and I

                                walk on the canal today.

                                He is good with the gentle leader

                               and we listen to the birds.

                              One time we walked together there,

                              I took him off the tether and

                              He raced up the hill after the bird

                              that whistled just like my son

                              when he calls him.

                              Came back looking all perplexed.


                             We listen to the wind together

                             Dingo and I.

                             We watch the Potomac river running high

                             with these rains – way up –

                             We don’t get too close.


                              I have my pen and journal.

                              Perhaps a poem will come by,

                              Floating on the waters

                              just in time.Image  This is an older poem, as my dear dog Dingo passed away last year. I was looking at some old photos of him today.

A toast to Dingo then and lovely memories of a great companion and beautiful dog.Image


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