Two Worlds


I hear the sing song

Complaining of my friend

Her face gone tight, like a fighter’s face

Words up like fists balled to take it on.

The whatever, whenever someone did her

Wrong. This world doesn’t love you nearly enough,

Until that heart of yours loves itself so much

Nothing can touch you, but that love

An elixir in your every breath, this fractured world

Gets laid to rest in that sweet, sweet silence

Waiting there

In the stillness inside you,

Listen there.


This is the poem I wrote for the dVerse challenge today.


16 thoughts on “TWO WORLDS

  1. i agree the first step of love is learning to love ourselves…..makes a huge difference in ones outlook on life….and feeling the love from others….listening…smiles.

    • It really is and then there is the gift of meditation, turning one’s attention within not to thoughts but to the silence there. There’s a wonderful book out called ” Why Meditate” by Matthieu Ricard

  2. Great advice, great description. I often wonder what the fine line is between fighter and someone who has that inner peace that radiates love. The Bible says Paul was a fighter, and he seemed to have it. Great write to show how the important things invoke love. Indeed loving oneself is paramount.

    • Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your words. It is a fine line to the true divine love that is within each of us, that fine line truly is the difference between one’s mind chattering away and a complete silence within us, wherein the feeling is completely empty and at the same time completely full.

  3. Sue Silver, your writing is special, it stands out. You use words like pieces of colour in a collage and the small scenes that make up your argument are so deft and to the point. And the way you switch point of view in the middle is so subtle that it nearly escaped me.

  4. Nice piece, Sue….though I’m not sure why you linked it to The Sunday Whirl. Is there a piece I missed, where you used the whirl words? Or perhaps the link is wrong?

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