Grief Fall

He was ignorant of the housewife

subtracting talent like months

drawers of eternity

stuck to the roof of his mouth.


He would spurn everything 

all year that was his 

way…lost in the string of life

never the joy

Balls of sadness swelled

The sting of his own grief.


This is a go at the Sunday Wordle


4 thoughts on “Grief Fall

  1. I am not completely sure i understand this…but i like how it reads. the first two lines come across to me as “not valuing the stay at home wife…or not understanding that she is talented despite her being home”

    • Sorry to take so long in replying b.Yes that is exactly what it means but on a deeper level it refers to the loss that is this man as he values nothing really, not even his own life. It was a go at the Sunday Wordle…which gives you a few words you have to include in a poem.
      I am glad I tried it as it was a departure from what I usually write.

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