I took a few photos of this dramatic sky


SPRING SUMMER STORMWe have had some great Spring and early Summer rain storms here lately. The other day I was heading home and had my mini iPad with me so I was able to get  some pretty good photographs. The iPad has a good camera in it, but it is easy to mess up the focus as it’s easily shaken.

I took the first shots in the Lowes parking lot. The clouds were rolling off the mountain to the west and while not a very high elevation the clouds in front of the mass were white and looking like a waterfall. I headed east towards home with the goal of getting more photos and watching the storm in my rearview mirror. Once near my turnoff I headed to the south again instead of north and was able to pull off the the two lane.

The sky had blackened and the clouds were rapidly moving changing shapes and generally creating a beautiful show.


3 thoughts on “SUMMER STORMS

  1. Hiya Sue.
    Thanks so much for the powerful photos. You’ve captured the drama!
    We’ve been promised some severe weather the last couple days here in lovely downtown West Deerburn but other than some momentary high winds last nite and some sprinkles, it was disappointing. Everything’s quite dry so I was hoping for a nice long soaking. Listening still to the forecast, I guess it could happen today.
    It appears Spring is finally here and I’ve been busying myself planting. Breaks on the stoop are refreshing and energizing.
    Peace, Dave

    • Hi Dave,
      lovely to hear from you. Yes we have had a few dramatic storms around here and I will post more photos. I am really glad you like my photos. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi Dave , I did reply,but don’t know if you saw it,anyway I shall do so again. Thank you for visiting my site it’s really great to hear from you. I hope you have had some good rain by now. It has certainly been a wet cold Spring here!! One thing about this weather though, my roses love it and are blossoming madly!!

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