ImageThis is my new photograph. 

I hope it will get onto the blog here soon. Once I figure out how to do it.

I just returned from Florida after a wonderful program with my Spiritual Teacher and Guru, Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.

The Profound Mystical Journey. 

This weekend I will be with Maa again at Shiva Nights in Albany, NY.

I feel very blessed to have this amazing opportunity.




6 thoughts on “NEW PHOTO

      • Hiya Sue.
        Say Hello! to Bill for me. I’m doin’ OK. I’ll be having back surgery in early December so I may not do as much holiday dancing and prancing as usual. Another grandchild is due Christmas Eve and my eldest great-grandchild will be seven in a few days. Time flies when you’re havin’ fun!
        Happy Trails.
        Peace, Dave

      • Hi Dave, I wonder how you are doing. I have not been in contact for a while here. Just thinking about you. I recently visited the Skyline Drive and plan to post some photographs here this weekend. My grandkids are almost 4 (in February) and I too another year older the same month.
        I hope you are well and having fun too!!

        Peace to you and yours,

      • Hiya Sue. I’ve just had hand controls installed in my little Dodge truck as a result of my Neuropathy weakening my lower legs. I was so happy with the positive results of my back surgery and now this. I must now use a walker since I can’t stand or walk unassisted. Enough of that. I really enjoyed your photos!!! What a beautiful drive. I hope things are well with you and please say Howdy! to Bill. I’d love to talk with him sometime. That would be fun. Peace, Dave

  1. Hi Dave , Good to hear from you. I am saddened to hear you are having such mobility challenges. I am still working some and doing some yoga which keeps me moving. I get some kinesthesiology chiropractic work which has helped so much . We have a group here that does energy healing together fairly regularly and that is a tremendously effective method for healing. I meditate daily and have a regular practice of meditation. That has helped me tremendously to stay healthy.
    Thanks for keeping in touch. I’ll tell Bill you would like to speak with him

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