Supreme Court Decision

What is going on in the USA? Religious freedoms are being trampled by the Conservative Supreme Court that’s what. The vote was 5 to 4.
I am appalled and I am sure many of my dear readers are too. How did this happen and please take the time to read the transcripts of this decision. You can read it here.
It is one thing to be in business and another to jam your religious beliefs down the throats of your employees by denying birth control insurance coverage to them.
Our Supreme Court to me has an extreme right view. Not just where the religious freedoms of this country are concerned , but also in allowing corporations to be viewed as people, and donate as much money as they like to political parties and candidates.
What’s left is for the people of this great nation to vote with their feet. Deny Hobby Lobby  Stores Inc and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp your business. Probably not many people will read my post here, however the wonderful site American at has a great article although they do not suggest voting with our feet.

In the meantime how good Obama care looks in this situation where folks can get coverage and pick what coverage they want unburdened by the religious beliefs of those who think they know when life begins in utero and who would compel those who cannot afford to have more children to do so because they say so!! Am I going too far?

Oh I could get into a real rave here, but I have other things to get on with today, but truly, I believe  this Decision is definitely NOT what the USA stands for.



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