A Share for you from the Sai Maa blog I wrote

Arriving at the Denver Program the last event of Sai-Maa’s Passion Tour, I am drawn to the bookstore and there a large photograph of Maa, a close up of Sai Maa’s beautiful smile and loving eyes. My heart is so full and tears came readily as I sit with what can only be one of the most powerful photographs of Maa at Shivarartri.

This was the last stop on the Passion Tour with Sai Maa. The hall, completely full with standing room only. Many seeing Sai Maa for the first time. With Maa’s arrival my heart is bursting with joy and gratitude. My tears flow; these are tears that clear the way to my heart of hearts, opening my whole self, allowing it to be filled with that divine love, that divine Grace that just is, in Maa’s Presence.

Watching the many people go up to Maa to receive her Darshan I see how very generous Maa is of herself. How much Maa gives to us to raise our vibration, to educate us, and take us to the experience of the Divine within.

I am blessed to receive Maa’s Darshan, and Maa upon looking at the photograph I present for blessing says, “Oh Shivarartri, very powerful.” I am again in Maa’s Grace, which I remember each time I see in my mind’s eye this precious moment, face to face with her.

There is nothing so precious as being in the presence of Sai Maa. When Maa said “for those of you who are in pain, give it to me” my tears flowed, tears at the kindness and generosity of Sai Maa. Tears of joy, tears of love and devotion, welling from deep within. Those tears that come in the Presence of Maa are like no other.

Sai Maa’s Successors, Joey Klein, Lucinda Hanover, and Adam Rizvi, speak of new possibilities to step into. Possibilities of a much deeper relationship with the Divine. Joey speaks of discipline in the practice of one’s sadhana. The importance of physical and mental strength, of conscious thinking, and I am so glad that I have created a workout schedule that I can stick to and a daily sadhana . We meditate, and I see a golden light. When we dance, my feet are so light. The whole room is alive with happiness.

It is a “ turning point day” for me.

I was honored to be asked to write the blog article on my teacher Sai Maa’s Passion Tour stop in Denver, CO.


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