I see that these days because I am busy with work ( giving anesthesia at a GI center), so it’s not like I have long to sit down during cases where in the past, dear reader, I may have had some time to write a poem or an essay usually the former.Get some thoughts down on paper or to my iPhone notes.

What can I tell you about writing. I am so grateful that I can write. It seems to run in my family. I have enjoyed writing since childhood.
I had Great-Aunts that were poets. I think that is notable.
I am hoping to get a copy of a book of poems published of my Great Auntie Cis’s poems.
At this time I am not putting any poems on this site unless they has been previously published, as I am hoping to publish what I have written.

I am so grateful for my life.The beauty of it, the hard and the easy, the painful and the joyful.

So I am writing for my life….. all of it.


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