All About Meditation

In 40 years I cannot begin to tell you what an honor it is to have this deep experience of the Divine within my heart. How long have I waited. How grateful am I and I have to tell you that after sitting with the Divine Mother in the form of Sai Maa I am feeling so loved and empowered. That Life and Light is all here with me now. Maa says now is the time.

She is not kidding. So loved. In am so grateful in your Divine Love  so cleansing, so perfect, so healing.

My Love, call me home to our heart of hearts.

Come come come be with me now…

My Beloved…

and Light to you.

In these recent days I have been doing some guided meditations  and they have been so powerful and so beautiful. How so? A time where the room was still so quiet even with the 5 or 6 people who have joined me for these events. A quietness and a real dance with the Divine has been going on.

One friend said” I have not been able to stand up straight for years, because of my cerebral palsy, but I felt I was standing up straight and it was magnificent.”

Others reported a deep sense of peace and others a joy just bubbling and delicious.

I would love to share that guided meditation with you all soon. Yes, yes how lovely…

Love and Light to you,



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