Happy New Year 2016 HANG on we’re OFF

It is 2016, this year in February I am going to Managua, Nicaragua, to do  various kinds of healing on the many healers in that area giving their lives, devoting their lives to the care and healing of mankind in one form or another. My friend Betty has been doing this kind of work and service for many years in such places as Honduras and Nicaragua. She has honored those who have little in war torn nations. We are going to work with the folks that run an orphanage, among one of the places we will be visiting  There are many orphans in Nicaragua after the wars and slaughter that have taken place there. Such a need. We are going under the auspices of an organization that has worked with the Quaker Community over the years to bring Peace in whatever way they can to this nation, so torn and weary and now somewhat for sale to the highest bidder seemingly. If one can hear the tyrant words of the Chinese Businessman wanting to put through a canal similar to the Panama Canal. It would cut a  swathe through farmland, rain forests and  the largest natural inland lake, tearing asunder natural vegetation and water levels and stripping good farmland from many farmers.

Change is difficult for any nation and weighing the pros and cons of any large project that seemingly decimates natural lands without adequate studies in view of the possible destruction of a major natural lake and so many farms and well I already said it, the question is why? how can this benefit. We have already seen oil companies come in and devastate communities, spilling oil on delicate land, ecosystems and peoples turned to slave labor. We don’t hear much about the consequences, NBC is not reporting it. Unless you are listening to some news reports outside of the general American airwaves you will not hear those reports.

No, America is made out to be too perfect, however I digress. So I am going to Nicaragua with 5 other healers and we are going to be presenting Trauma healing workshops and massage and energy healing and body movement among our combined modalities, to these women and men to help and to support their healing.

We are going to be traveling through the countryside and drinking in the beauty of Nicaragua. Listening to the song of birds and water, wind and the green that is everywhere there. The heat and the sun. We are going to listen to the voices of her people and her land and we are going to be living there and listening.I pray we can truly make a difference. Many of the people we will be working with have been victims of the war machine, rapes and murders of family members, rape of themselves, their own body and deep loss. Deep deep loss.

This I have learned and it is a simple fact, that when  you ask the Divine to come through you and allow you to serve in some sweet way, the Divine says yes as much and more, as deep and as willing as you are to say yes, the Divine says Yes even louder and so much deeper.


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