The Holiday Season

It is for some, Christmas and others Hanukkah, still others, a celebratory meal, family gathering, perhaps for some it is a soup kitchen,or perhaps none of those. It is traditionally a time of sharing and giving.

We are in the consciousness of a human world complete with it’s foibles, fears, strengths and weaknesses.  Wars,bar fights and drunkenness, and addictions.  Wars between men and women, people, religion and ideas.

What  can  we do to heal our wounds? Bring peace to this world for those of us who might be interested in doing so. It sure won’t happen by fighting war with war. As this article  in the Earthjustice blog, an article written by Raul Garcia reads…


By Raul Garcia | Tuesday, November 22, 2016

He says when he went there to report and see the for himself what was going on. “We were missing how peaceful, respectful and solemn this struggle is.Even when we were talking about politics, the sacredness of it all was what tribe members conveyed as important. The respect of the people overcame any thought of animosity, and the solemnity of the place and the need to protect nature inspired peaceful unity. This indigenous vision of sacred air, sacred water and sacred land was striking to me.”He also said “he had not  seen a single story ( in the media) that elevates this type of story.”

An interview with the chairman of the Indian Sioux nations Dave Archambalt II, told of his insistence that all those gathered make their presence a prayer. “We are not here to fight, we are here to save our water through a prayerful presence.”

We all know what the outcome for at least the short term is for the Dakota Pipeline. Once the Trump administration gets in, well, that may be a different story. The point of saying this is that Mr Garcia went on to say and don’t we all know it, that in Washington DC where he lives “polarized rhetoric dominates the landscape.”

Why are we so addicted to sensation and the negative? How can we have a world of Peace? Perhaps it is an individual story. Raising our own personal vibration to one of that of Peace. A peacefulness that knows no boundaries. I can only be responsible for my own self. My own vibration and I know that by meditation, breath work and mantra, dancing and chanting, I find my vibration is raised and it feels good as well.

I have a daily practice of meditation and chanting and mantra. I love my practice. It is a delight and a place of true rest and rejuvenation. A prayerful Presence.

Whatever we want in our lives it pales to the scope of this work. We well may ask ourselves why we came to this planet, why we took birth now, when all the signs say the great transformation is at hand. The Hopi call it the coming of the Fifth World.

The Hopi prophesies also predict a nuclear holocaust. The Hindu calendar predicts Peace. A Golden Age of Peace.

Are you ready? Are you up for the real fight? Your strength of heart and mind, your alignment with your soul? Alignment with the  Divine Light? Here then, is the invitation.




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