INSIDE OUTSIDE Poems by Sue Silver

I am pleased to announce the publication of my first poetry book by New Academia Press, INSIDE OUTSIDE Poems by Sue Silver. Wonderful! Fantastic!! all those wonderful words. I am so happy.

I will be doing a reading and signing of my book at Four Season’s Books at 116 W German St, Shepherdstown, WV 25443 at 2pm. Please come.

Here’s a taste from my book.





They say if you wish to reach enlightenment

you must lose your desires.


Well that’s a tough one.

Why would I wish to give up my little wants


my wishes and the stuff that gets me outta bed

like earning that paycheck


so I can head home to New Zealand for eight weeks

whose lovely green shores, land of the long white cloud


I haven’t set foot on for over 10 years.

See the faces, share the love with my family there,


I had to weep and when my old love met me

at the airport, his voice, his walk just the same in that corner


of my heart where we never let go.

How about that desire to scratch that itch?


Never mind the racks of clothes and shoes

the jewelry in that big glass case


I just want to hear the loudest thunder cracking overhead

waking me in my bed, sit on my porch and breathe the rain.


Just one more time, this time, I want to feel my heart

explode with love, know the joy, the tenderness in this moment.




The dark waters, brown colored

in their depths, know nothing of my blood

running out from this deep gash

while fishing, this new knife unwieldy in my hands.



The kindness of strangers

asking if I’d caught anything

helping in my distress to bind my wound

stem the flow for all I know

the uncaught fish sallying for light

caught in a flash of reflection

watched me from beneath the pier

amazed at my ignorance, eating gladly

the bloodworm I dropped there.



At the hospital the nurses take such care

I am swept and cleaned and stitched

the lost light of this lovely afternoon

a picture past.


I visit again this windy pier

I do not cast nor attend to fishing gear

but walk and sit and linger in the cold

and ask the fish for another year.


My book is available at    INSIDE OUTSIDE Poems by Sue Silver


I am going to start doing readings at other venues as well. I’ll let you know.




















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