It seems that so much is happening so often that I do not take the time to practice my yoga short of a couple of positions, or garden instead of taking a brisk walk. There are late tomatoes coming in,eggplant and some Swiss Chard. With the weather cooling and the leaves coloring up it is an excellent time for me to take a walkabout with my camera. This morning I had a dream that I was in a martial arts class. The exercises were wonderful  for my back so I got up and did them! Wonderful.

This last weekend was very busy with many poetry events. On Saturday we had the 100,000 POETS FOR CHANGE at the Folly on the Bradley and Carol Sander’s Farm. As always it was wonderful to be there!

There were many poets reading and performing their works throughout the day. We had delicious food and drink provided by A Step in Time from Harper’s Ferry and Ron Kipling Williams an activist spoken word performance artist from Baltimore headlined.

Al Thomas, the driving force of the Folly structure was at the poetry event also and it was great to see him there. He was telling the story of how the Folly came about.

He had been off work for awhile as he was caring for his mother who had alzheimer’s and he was in need of a project. Al has been a timber framer for many years practicing his craft all over the world. He asked Bradley Sanders who agreed and so the Folly came to be.

The Folly is set among the trees on the farm and seating is provided by wonderful wooden benches also handmade and supported by logs of varying heights.

I was blessed to be part of the construction of the Folly. Helping with preparation and videoing the event and the erection. It is a tremendous pity that video disappeared.  Oh well, time passes, 23  and some years ago. Al  and a crew of us locals also built a Trebuchet and a throne in the timber frame format.

Over the years the Folly has provided a stage for the Fishtails production a musical with amazing large automated puppets created by Bradley Sanders and produced by Lisa Lafferty with local children and some adults performing. Many musicians and poets and artists have graced the stage of the Folly. We had the Tiny Circus perform a couple of years and it has been the site of the other timber frame projects and workshops. A truly rich experience and one we appreciate and will do so for many years to come.


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