I am having a new life after many years of struggle. No this is not new news but it is wonderful news.

I was tired and beat down and so worn out from years of too much! My health was not good, but the worst thing that had happened was that I had lost my connection to the Divine. I am so happy to report that it all turned out well. I was very delighted to meet my Spiritual Teacher Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. It has to be pretty amazing when your teacher calls you on your phone. It is a privilege to see one’s teacher regularly to have her correct you, to have a Teacher who carries the title Jagadguru, Guru of all Gurus. “It is the Love,” says Maa in her interview with A reporter Cindi. Check out youtube sai maa with Cindi.

And I, so blessed to be Maa’s student.
The most important thing I learned from Maa was to access the Divine within my very own heart. Within my very own breath.

In the 10 years since I have been with Sai Maa, I am so healed. So much more aware. So happy, so happy I have to tell you, I feel so empowered and so, so very delighted to be on this path. Stay tuned.  Maa is an enlightened Master and her teachings are so applicable to a day to day  life. Check Maa out.


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