THANK YOU, I AM Grateful For My Life.

When I am down, or feeling fearful the best exercise, I have learned, is to be grateful for everything I have in my life. Friends, family, my life and my work in this world.

I feel this push back rising in my heart. Yes there may be changes and what is my opportunity in that space?

I have for years kept mostly to the same track for income and not relied on anything else. Now, however, I am willing to expand out and see what I, at 75, have to offer folks and express myself in other ways.

Soon enough, there may be changes to my job in the arena of time available for me to work in a specialty I have been at for well, I am not going to tell you but, I should, but please don’t be judgemental that I am still working after 51 years. I like working as a CRNA. I like the field I have chosen. I appreciate the folks I work with and my job is reasonably close by with a lovely drive through the local hills. There is the rising sun sky, the cloud action, the air so fresh and so clean for any one who remembers that song, walls and walls of green, not much traffic, the occassional cop. What’s not to like? Coming home it’s watch your speed and funnily enough today the radio just got stuck on the music of Sting rather than the tutorial I was trying to tune into.

Now I am looking at alternatives. I will never not work because I am interested. I am interested in life and I am interested in teaching what I have learned, in practising my Energy healing arts, I love to write stories and poetry and I have a poetry book I published in 2017. INSIDE OUTSIDE poems by Sue Silver available at

I love being a contribution to this world. I know I can balance work and play. I have been for many years a spiritual person. I have great devotion for the Divine and I have studied with several teachers. It is very gratifying to see the spiritual growth in this world and the understanding expanding that indeed we are all one. I want to stick around for the changes. I want to see the world come out of that state of fear into the state of love. A state where we truly serve each other and our planet.

I am teaching Esoteric classes at a local Yoga studio. I love it. I have a 5 week series on Understanding Your Energetic Body. We are so programmed in our minds from birth and meditation is a chance to step out of that programming and into a connection with your true self that is in the state of love. Fall in love with yourself.

I was recently listening to a very wonderful teacher who managed in 3 You Tube presentations to really succinctly put what I have been learning these last many years in a nutshell. I do not want to diminish the time I have been training with any of my teachers throughout my life and as we all know being taught something and being able to take it in and understand it are two different things.

I offer you my teachers website Sai Maa is an Enlightened Master, one who is one with the Divine, one who has come out of the state of duality, good, bad, right, wrong.One who sees God everywhere. Maa is an amazing teacher and now at you can see the teachers Maa has taught offering the programs to energize your path to freedom and fulfillment.

The second teacher is Dr Bruce Lipton PH.d He speaks of the cellular body and it’s potential and carries on from there. Just wonderful. Find him on youtube.

There are a few things that you may be interested to know concerning the greening of our world:. annual increases of the consumable human energy sources are coming from alternative energy. Solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal.Denmark on a good day 140% from wind, Costa Rica, 99% from renewables and well look it up. Only the US is lagging and we are catching up. In the US 17.1 % in 2015- it’s probably better now. Why? because alternative energy sources are cheaper than fossil fuels. The US could do a lot better and must do so. Please make some demands in this arena and recycle.

I am so excited as I step into an expanding future into which I carry my heart and the possibility of what life can truly be like here on planet earth as we step into realizing our true potential, our true presence as unique, vibrant, intelligent human beings contibuting to one another and to our living and vital earth planet from whom we receive this opportunity to create, to play and to be REALLY in heaven on earth.


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