Here I am down the road a few years from where I started trying to say a few things to those who might listen or argue or be somewhat entertained by my thoughts about acupuncture,  5000 years of Chinese practice might mean something! Acupuncture had saved me from terrible, lousy, allergies.

I also spoke of energy healing and the fact that there was more than one galaxy.

The fact that we ( our consciousness at that time) didn’t really know it all.. Meditation and Yoga!! Yes all this, so powerful, and such a contribution to our society at that time and now today it’s all normal!!! Such a difference. It’s all mainstream.

So I at one point got discouraged gave up and let go and now I’m back, meditation and Yoga, I have lost that weight, and my Beloved Teacher Sai Maa who brought me home, home again, to what you ask,  to the Divine within, that’s her lovely lovely work in this world. To bring us back to that experience of the Divine within.

My first trimester of pregnancy with my third child just about wiped me out with upper respiratory congestion, trying to breathe at night, asthma, wheezing and  the whole breathless catastrophe. Oh man, imagine my relief when I was finally treated by the best acupuncturist in the Washington DC area. We made a trade, I would work as a receptionist Saturday mornings and he would treat me.

What a difference, 6 weeks of treatment and I was no longer sneezing or congested. I was breathing easily and walking tall! Soon after I started studying with Dr Wu and doing energy healing work which was my specialty with some of his clients. What a gift to study with such a great Master Acupuncturist.

To this day I am still practicing energy healing and I am my self a Master Healer.

At 71 I am a happy, healthy and delighted Human Being.

My teacher today, Sai Maa, teaches us the Divine state of being and as an Enlightened Master and a living Saint raises our vibration and what I know now is that, that is the job of a teacher….to raise our vibration, to inform us and heal ourselves in that exchange.

Maa as a living saint has a signature program called the Journey of Profound Healingwww.sai-maa/profound during which she cuts the roots of those haunting and injurious traits that run from  generation to generation, such as depression and suicide which runs in my family, could be abuse and heavy alcoholism whatever……  You can find out more about Maa at

I would like to acknowledge my poetry teacher and mentor, Grace Cavalieri. I do so love words and the art of poetry. Grace has been a tremendous contribution to my life as a poet, as a woman and for her tremendous contributions to the lives and words of all the many poets she has made eternal by her recordings with their interviews at The Library Of Congress at “The Poet and the Poem.”

You can find my interview along with my fellow West Virginian and dear friend, the poet Sonja James at Part 2 at this address 

How I love you, My Maa and how I love you Dearest Grace. I am so grateful for you. Your appreciation and encouragement of my poetry craft.Your guidance and editing. I am so grateful.

So In september there will, I hear, be a huge influx of energy to our beloved Mother Earth. This to raise the energy, enliven and enlighten the consciousness of the planet. God knows we need it.

With so much of our world stuck in we versus them it is time to go to work. Raise your own vibration through meditation, dancing and the enjoyment and self expression of our lives in gratitude for this life. Somewhere you agreed to come here to this earth at this time to bring in a world of Peace and Prosperity.

A state of joy and Knowledge of our own individual Divinity.

Are you ready to roll? Come on Come on!!

Grace Cavalieri with the Poet Laureate  Charles Simic.

Grace Cavalieri with the Poet Laureate Charles Simic.


Grace with Sue Silver and Sonja James  at the Library of Congress, Washington DC  The Poet and The Poem 2014

Sia  Maa in India

Sia Maa in India

The love of my Beloved Sai Maa, heals the world.

Here is one of my poems written at a wonderful workshop with the poet and neurologist Frederick Foote.


I am from infant failing to thrive

saved by intramedullary feedings

saved with Mother’s milk.

I am from always the new person

on the block.

From unknown to maybe you’re OK,

milk bottles delivered to the house

air raid drills under the desk

Rock ‘n Roll and Elvis

I am from the ocean, clean salty swell, surfing the waves

on 8 foot boards at Piha beach, black sands and riptides,

sweet parties at the Surf Club, 1960’s

Scuba diving, in the caves of the Poor Knights Islands

I have travelled on the Oronsay to this new home down under

the land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand,

the Maori. Mother’s friends and family.

I am from divorce and decree, Catholic school and rules,

writing, writing and my first Brownie camera.

Poetry, stories and photographs

The Newmarket Swim club, sunburn and swim meets.

I am from the red phone box, press button B to speak

the sailboat adventures with friends, on the 36 foot sloop with ketch rigging,

winning the race at the Akarana yacht club,

nightime sailing in the cold, warmed with coffee and a drop of rum,

I am from Scuba diving in caves at the Poor Knight’s Islands.

Nursing school and Post graduate studies , the Ann Arbor riots

I am from Meditation, Kriya Yoga, energy healing and growth

Soul retrieval,


Travelling through profound healings.


Hillary's sister and Maid Of Honor with Hillary and Danica. Such beauties !!

Hillary’s sister and Maid Of Honor Philippa Miller with Hillary and Danica. Such beauties! 

Hillary Topping and Thaddeus Stamps my daughter and her love Thaddeus recently married at a lovely ceremony at the Carrollton Inn, Baltimore, MD.  What a lovely setting for a very beautiful ceremony planned and executed in 10 days by my dear daughter Hillary and her Beloved,Thaddeus.

It was a lovely gathering of close friends and family in such a unique place. Lots of photos here.

This is Mr and Mrs Thaddeus and Hillary Stamps, Their children Danica and Decimus Stamps and her friends. Decimus and Grayson, Pip and Hillary and Danica.I love my dress

At the Reception

At the Reception

Throwing the Bouquet

cutting the cake together as we will share  our lives deeply  in love and Light  always my love

cutting the cake together
as we will share our lives
in love and Light
always my love

on the left, my grand daughter with two friend at her parents wedding.

getting kind of tired

getting kind of tired

Danica Stamps

Danica Stamps

More DanicaMonk, Thaddeus and Hillary

Monk Topping, Hillary’s Dad, Thaddeus and Hillary.

Decimus and Grayson in the second from the top photo. Just lovely. Lovely lovely, lovely.


IMG_1454Stopped by the river today for a visit, the air had a sweet breeze blowing so gently and the light was delicious.

I took my friend’s little dog Dusty, a Tibetan Spaniel. An easy companion, we sat on the dock for the longest time, just watching the light play with the clouds and the waves. A nice place to be after a good days work. Outside at last.IMG_1452IMG_1463

New Blog Theme

Lots of rain happening for us here and we are happy to have it. What better task to undertake on such a day as to look around for a new theme. One that might show off my photographs and blog content better. I hope you like this new look. Let me know.

The Healer’s Internship and a Weekend at Albany

For the past eighteen months I have been in a program called The Transformational Healer’s Program as an Intern to the Enlightened Master Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. Mary Sise started this program with Sai Maa and I feel so honored to be a part of it.

I went to Albany, NY  last year to attend an event with Mary Sise LCSW, DCEP.  Mary was to give what are called Personal Sessions to individuals at the event. Mary Sise does Sai Maa Personal Energy Sessions.I am getting ready to go again this month June 18th through the 21st. I am so looking forward to this!!

Sai Maa is a spiritual luminary and global humanitarian,  who gifted her massage table and the Shakti of her personal energy sessions to Mary, who has been a student of Sai Maa for almost 15 years and serves as Director of the Transformational Healers Program. This reflects the importance of the continuation of Sai Maa’s energetic healing legacy for the world and Mary’s role in this work. Sai Maa has a mission of global enlightenment through personal transformation and self-mastery.

Sai Maa shared this announcement while addressing 170 participants at an advanced workshop for healers on May 9, 2014 in Albany, NY.

Sai Maa’s website is at

The Personal Sessions are a transference, clearing and raising of our own energetic fields which have the effect of giving the receiver a conscious experience of what can only be called “heaven”.

Mary Sise is a very interesting and amazing woman herself.I am going to quote from her website here…” An international speaker, teacher, counselor, and author known for her pioneering work in the field of energy psychology relating to the treatment of trauma, and her work in exploring the spiritual dimension of the soul and its integral relationship to authentic healing. Her warm, witty, and authentic approach makes her a frequently sought after speaker.

Condensing years of work and innovations in the field, Mary co-authored the ground-breaking book The Energy of Belief: Psychology’s Power Tools to Focus Intention & Release Blocking Beliefs with psychologist Sheila Sidney Bender, PhD. She has developed several teaching and self-help tools. ” Mary’s website is at

Our Healer’s Internship program has been the most wonderful Journey I have ever undertaken.


Boats in the Snow 4 Boats in the Snow 1-2

In Annapolis

In Annapolis

Boats in the Snow 3

In Annapolis this week we have had some lovely snowstorms. Driving to work yesterday was definitely challenging, but I do have those years of driving in Michigan which will last you forever.At least I think so. I would drive to downtown Detroit from Ann Arbor on Sundays for meditation with Yogacharya J Oliver Black, a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda who started a meditation and satsang group called Self Realization Fellowship or SFR back in the 1950s.
Mr Black was definitely an enlightened Master in his own right and had a fairly large group of people who attended the Sunday meditation at a beautiful old church in Detroit.

I remember the many beautiful and deep experiences of meditation I had then and how those experiences gave and continue to give me such peace in my life.
My present teacher is Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, an Enlightened Master with whom I have been studying for the last 6 years. This is my 7th year with Sai Maa. I feel very blessed and I am so grateful to have Maa in my life. Her teachings are very clear and down to earth. They can be found on her website and at the bookstore on that website a book called Petals of Grace.

Today I went for a great walk down to the river and took some photos. The contrast of the snowy river and the boats is lovely.

Hanukkah and Christmas

It is the season of Hanukkah and the season of Christmas. The season for giving and greeting. Old friends and family new friends and traditions. The marrying of the old and new.
Give in gratitude to the Divine within you, just a few minutes of your time. Give that attention to celebrate your life, the preciousness of this human life.
How blessed we are no matter our age or state at this time in our lives.
Give this gift of your attention and gratitude in quiet, in stillness within or in prayer
Allow the Divine to flow through you, fill your heart with that love, that joy.
Blessings to you all, dear readers.
Wishing you all Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity in the New Year.


I am so pleased to announce that I have been chosen as the featured poet for the month of December on the Dan Murano website at Dan has also included several of my photographs.
What a thrill!! What excitement!! I am honored.

This November and December are shaping up to be really outstanding for my life in poetry.

I am putting together a chapbook to enter into some contests for 2015. It is certainly about time and I am so grateful to Grace Cavalieri and Sonja James for all their encouragement and support. Thank you so much.



Dear Readers I am so happy to announce the publication of my poem ” Heading That Way”
In Lummox #3 2014. You can find that publication at and order a copy, which I hope you will as it has so very much to offer.
I am very grateful to be included in this publication. There are many wonderful writers in this tome of 170 poets which includes interviews with Grace Cavalieri,John Macker, Doug Holder, Rick Smith and Daniel MCGinn. There are lots of photos and some cartoons. This is a publication to keep at your bedside table, take with you on a long trip or to the islands this winter.
You will find my poem on page 69 and attributed to Susan Topping (Silver) rather than my usual nome de plume Sue Silver. This due to a misunderstanding with the editor RD as it is Susan Topping who pays the bills.
Yes it is time I officially changed my name. Is that hard to do? I will soon find out…

These days I am living between Annapolis, MD and Shepherdstown and I am really enjoying Annapolis. What an interesting town, filled with interesting and wonderful people just like Shepherdstown in so many ways, but of course so much larger.
I am not going to put my poem here just yet. Please support Lummox by buying a copy if you can.
Here’s a poem by Grace Cavalieri:

After Taking The Train To Martinsburg

–for Angel

Did you think that I could

Come to the mountains

Where it is raining

Without finding something to praise,

Only this time it is a dream

Shimmering like the new green

Out every window,

The remembrance of traveling

When young, feeling that

Something was needed but finding

The porches seemed small

From a distance,

Then left with nothing in particular

Your cheek next to mine

And how I’d like to show you

The mourning doves building

Their nest in the crook

Of that far tree

Stick by stick by stick

As if it will last forever.