“Very Inspiring Blogger” Award

I have been ┬ánominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award. aww shucks she says throwing her shoulders back and unable to suppress a big grin. Yes indeed, dear readers,this writer is very grateful indeed to RT for this honor. RT who was the initial inspiration and is so supportive of this writer’s efforts at publishing a blog; sharing her writing, photography and poetry.

I am also grateful to you,my readers.

I feel excited, renewed and again very grateful.

Here is RT’s link http://www.cathay12.wordpress.com

Seven things about myself you may not know:
1. I love to knit and especially in the winter when I make lots of wearable things. Baby and childrens’ clothes are quick and easy. Also scarves and whatnot.
2. I am a bit of a homebody.
3. I love cats and dogs. Especially my cat Cfora named by my daughter. C for a cat..
4. I spend too much time at the computer.
5. I love gardening and fishing,but not in the cold weather.
6. Please someone give me a Mac computer!!I hate my Acer…sorry Acer.
7. I am a devotee of the Divine and I meditate regularly and I am a student of Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, who has inspired me so very much.

The 15 bloggers I nominate for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award are:

http://www.retireediary.wordpress.com Michael’s blog is filled with wonderful photographs from all over the world and many interesting facts to go with them.

http://www.matrifocalpoint.wordpress.com This writer bravely speaks up about women’s rights and issues both here in the US as well as abroad. Keep informed on issues affecting the women in your life.

http://www.pommepal.wordpress.com Travel in Australia and other countries with lovely newsy writing about her travels and lots of great photographs makes pommepal’s blog one of my favorites.

I really love Geoff’s photographs taken all over the world.