Allahabad, India

I went to India for the Kumbh Mela. The Mahamela as it happens to be this year 2013, when all the planets are aligned. I went to be with my Spiritual Teacher and Guru Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, and many other students at her camp or ashram which is what it really was for the two weeks I was there. The program started the second week of January and many many students came each week to be with Maa, receive Darshan every day, perform Yagna or fire ceremony, meditate together and just generally be in the sweetness of the Divine.

The whole Kumbh was about one’s relationship to the Divine Presence in some way shape or form.There was a lot of speaking,chanting and singing going on from all quarters around us much of it over the microphone. We ate dahl and subji on leaf plates with our fingers.  Lots of hand washing going on and the use of hand sterilizer gel.There is I noticed quite an art to eating with one’s fingers. 

We walked around the camp at times and visited the ashrams of other teachers and Gurus, at their invitation. Many had a performance of one kind or another we were invited to attend, others wanted my Guru, Sai Maa to speak. Sai Maa was given the title Jagadguru which is an incredible   honor especially for a woman as most Gurus seem to be men. There are some women Gurus in India. Just some though. Sai Maa is of the lineage of Sai Baba.

The Ashram was a lovely space. A true haven to be in Maa’s Presence so much.Image