In the late evening rain and wind we drive to the Korean Spa in Baltimore.A sudden squall, the sky is a blank of dark with spotlight- like car lights. A smear of a world. I can relax because I am not driving although all five of us are comfortable in my car.
This is my first visit to the Spa and I am immediately so glad I came. It has many bathing delights to offer. A variety of hot baths,even saunas of different energies.There is a crystal sauna with crystals in the walls and some large ones you can hold, a charcoal sauna and wet and dry saunas.There is an ice cold pool. I pour water over my body when I get too hot, but I am too chicken to get right in.
It is a large building, with high ceilings, marbled walls and ceilings. We start off with a shower and shampoo. Excess water runs down some drains along with our aches and pains and there is a lovely round bath filled with tea for soaking. Along two walls are individual bathing spots to sit,each with mirrors, so you can work on your face, shave your legs,do your toes. Scrub each others backs, and put on our facial masks. Then we sit in the whirlpool tubs yet again.
I see a trio of women speaking French. The young girl stands as her mother applies the facial mask, whiter on her pale skin. The whole scene reflected in the mirror. There are other languages and women of all ages. Whole families of women. Mothers, daughters and grandmothers.Yet, someone says it is not too busy tonight so we are lucky.
We don bright orange long shorts and tops to visit a large central room where there are more saunas and a large ice room 42 degrees Fahrenheit and another at -18 degrees Fahrenheit with large frosty pipes snaking across the walls. I don’t sit there just take a quick a look.
We take advantage of the massage chairs with foot massage pods that work us over with rollers that thump and press shoulders and back muscles, while the foot pods tap away at the soles of our bare feet. I press my feet into it to receive the release of answering pressure.It too has rollers rolling into my heels,tapping, tapping, I did not realize I had so much tension there.
There is a room with mats where one can take a nap break. I lie there for awhile relaxing in a glow of warmth from my body and a sense of deep cleanness. Every pore sweated through,soaked, washed and scrubbed and sweated through again.
When we feel done from our many sweats in the saunas, our soaking in the tubs, the tea soak, the ice water rinse, the whirlpool tubs, the thumping good massage chair, the steam room, we dress, after a last rinse in the high pressure showers and washing our hair with foamy shampoo and delicious smelling hair conditioner.
In the restaurant they serve us green tea where we sit shoeless. Here they serve substantial meals as well as snaks and teas.
Our friends join us and we make the long walk back to the car. The trip home is quick and lazy as I drowse. Shortly my head is on the pillow. Tucked under the sheets and blanket,  sleeping soundly.