As summer slipped away I found myself at first resisting the autumn chill yet no sooner did the lovely colors arrive and I said a quick hurray and went on. I drive east to Annapolis along the beautiful Rte 70 quite often and the trees there truly put on a show. So I decided to invite a friend and we went for a days drive down to Skyline Drive entering at Front Royal Virginia and wending our way along. We stopped at several of the overlooks. At the lower altitudes the trees were so colorful and as we drove higher the cloud cover blotted out the views and the air got wetter. We had a nice lunch at a store with a lunch counter  on the drive then we went on a bit, but the predicted rain was getting heavier and we decided to return home so we could beat the rush hour traffic.

What a glorious drive. The traffic was light and it was easy to pull

Skyline Dr, VA

Skyline Dr, VA


Skyline Dr , VA

Skyline Dr , VA

over at the overlooks jump out,  take some photographs and enjoy the vistas and move on.

Today on NPR I heard the Skyline Dr recommendation for Fall colors. Yes I second that!!

Skyline Drive, VA

Skyline Drive, VA



Hillary's sister and Maid Of Honor with Hillary and Danica. Such beauties !!

Hillary’s sister and Maid Of Honor Philippa Miller with Hillary and Danica. Such beauties! 

Hillary Topping and Thaddeus Stamps my daughter and her love Thaddeus recently married at a lovely ceremony at the Carrollton Inn, Baltimore, MD.  What a lovely setting for a very beautiful ceremony planned and executed in 10 days by my dear daughter Hillary and her Beloved,Thaddeus.

It was a lovely gathering of close friends and family in such a unique place. Lots of photos here.

This is Mr and Mrs Thaddeus and Hillary Stamps, Their children Danica and Decimus Stamps and her friends. Decimus and Grayson, Pip and Hillary and Danica.I love my dress

At the Reception

At the Reception

Throwing the Bouquet

cutting the cake together as we will share  our lives deeply  in love and Light  always my love

cutting the cake together
as we will share our lives
in love and Light
always my love

on the left, my grand daughter with two friend at her parents wedding.

getting kind of tired

getting kind of tired

Danica Stamps

Danica Stamps

More DanicaMonk, Thaddeus and Hillary

Monk Topping, Hillary’s Dad, Thaddeus and Hillary.

Decimus and Grayson in the second from the top photo. Just lovely. Lovely lovely, lovely.


India 039I went by Rickshaw on a memorable shopping trip to Chandni Chowk Market which is in Old Delhi. It has streets and streets of shops, all somewhat organized so that the same types of wares are in the same street. For instance the book market where you can find books and paper goods, the Spice market, the Gold market and the Sari market and the Silk market There are of course crowds of people and other rickshaws, many of which are carrying very heavy loads of products and also many people carrying very heavy loads. It is wonderful and I was able to take quite a few pictures from the rickshaw. I set my camera to sport and that seemed to shoot fast enough to maintain focus.

I was also able to get some photographs of the local Mosque which is one of the oldest according to my guide. I was lucky and had an English speaking rickshaw driver who proved to be an excellent guide. I shopped at a lovely spice market who packaged my purchases very well and a silk shop that had some really good quality silks. I bought some silk scarves a pashmina shawl, and a Lengha which is a long shirt and tight leggings.

Probably one of the most impressive feats of the Chandni Chowk market is the way the electricity is managed without an immediate explosion.ImageImageImage

Train to Fairbanks,AK

Train to Fairbanks,AK
The click clack, click clack
Gathering steam
In the best window seat
Blue leather like seats
Generous, comfortable.
Plenty of leg room –
At 0840 we are loaded
Pulling away from Anchorage
Out the winding tracks
Up to Wasilla –

I buy a trip book
Which tells of the towns
The mountains
Some history.
Bought a long map one that unrolls
So we can follow the journey

See the rivers and mountains.
The sun is bright and we get tea
in the dining car
two cars back
through the heavy doors
cross the moving metal platforms.
The train to Fairbanks
With a crisp, blue sky.

The lovely train that presses forward
On the slick clear tracks.
In the dining car the conductor
And the policeman
exchange stories with each other
sitting at a table.
They make this 12 ½ hour run
Twice a week, north on a Saturday
South on a Sunday.
The mile markers flash by on
The right side of the tracks.
There are small shacks holding
Mail and supplies and three
Feet of snow on their roofs –
There are crossings with cars
A temperature monitor says 16 degrees

In Wasilla several people get off
A few get on. I could not see Russia
But a good puppy sits prettily at her Mistress’ feet
A lovely Malamute.
The Conductor opens the top of the door
So we can take photos
Without the glass-it’s cold.
We traipse up there several times
Taking photos and movies, laughing bundling
Up our ears and hands.

The wind is wicked, skies  brilliant blue
I write and photograph madly
Everything so new
Frozen rivers covered with snow
The stark footprints of moose.
One set only
tracks of snowmobiles
crisscross and circle
Slim shadows of birch lining the tracks and
Short, bony firs mixed in.
Lakes and streams
expanses of snow.

And here we go into the mountains.
Denali looms and we croon
oohs and ahhs.
I am standing much of the time
Taking photographs
Which I trust will be wonderful
Eating the wind from the ½ open
Door and we stop just past
The trestle covered bridge
To look over the steep gully

Of the Tanana river
That becomes the Chena
When it gets to Fairbanks.
The sun is setting and I am
Still snapping
With names like Nenana
Usibilli Tipple
And my favorite Talkeetna
rolling around my tongue
Like the best garlic dish.