I went to the Peru in 2012. I spent about two weeks there and took a lot of photographs, but I didn’t share them all with you and thought today might be a good day to share some more!!  We started in Lima and flew to Cusco so I will start in Cusco.Image ImageImageImage<img class=”size-full wp-image”



It is already well into 2013 and I am so behind in posting something new for you, my dear readers. So here are a couple of new poems and a photograph I just took. I have begun a photographic study of this road not too far from my home.
I am doing some black and white photographs as well getting ready for our big Jefferson County Photographers Show in May when I will have to have 8 silver black and white photographs ready.
I love working with film it is so exciting. You don’t have that immediate gratification that you have with digital,this is true, however, it makes one work harder really understanding how photography works.

Trough Rd, Jefferson County,WV

Trough Rd, Jefferson County,WV

Here are a couple of the Black and white photographs our JCP show last fall.
Gargoyle, Jefferson County, WV



I will never give up the book for the box

That cold steel under my fingers

Devoid of bookish personality

Page and font, perfume of age and type

A heft and hue only to itself.

I will never give up the book for the

Kindle or some other mock marvel

in that vein – no cover art to gaze upon

with each reading of the book,

no writing in the margins, no torn page

no date due stamps on the back,

no greeting on the front, no birthday memories

in a gentle hand ” to my dear Anna.”

No special binding holding volumes

of pages to their place, just a box

of metal, for other people, not me.

I will never give up the book.

( Published in The Anthology of Appalachian Writers Bobbie Ann Mason Volume III )



I fish for hours

casting where greenness,

reflections of the sky and trees,

fill my eye.

I walk the path around the pond

casting near the old log.

The wind brings perfumes of humid air

and the leafy pond.

Better than Chanel to me.

A fish jumps by the reeds.

I cast and reel, cast and reel – not one fish bites.

Not even the leaping bass.

( Published in The Anthology of Appalachian Writers  Ron Rash Volume IV )





Peru more Photographs in the Sacred Valley

We saw a great floor show with these dancers just tearing it up and this cute bit where they try to set a piece of paper tucked into the back of their pants on fire. Members of the audience are invited up. It is so funny. Of course our friends couldn’t light them up but they had no trouble lighting up our brave friends who got up on stage to dance and play the game!!