Peru.. The Sacred Valley

I went to Peru last year around November and I had a simply marvelous time.. We were lucky as it was the rainy season,but we did not have too much rain. Maybe not so lucky for the farmers and gardeners though.The countryside was fabulous. A spring green reigned and new crops burst forth from the earth everywhere we looked..We saw men tilling the earth by hand with a donkey and old fashioned tillers.
It was a beautiful piece of machinery, a piece we have in some parts of Appalachia. When you looked at the area of the ground they had to cover the mind reeled.
The colors, the scents and the sounds mingled though my heart and my whole body. I was transformed in Peru. Not just from the land ,but from the people with whom I traveled especially the woman who led our group Dr Sharon Forest.

I am in love with Peru. These are warm and kindly people. I was so glad to be there and see their lovely towns with the town squares, their markets and farm lands. So much of Peru is undeveloped which is to me beautiful. Lands rolling up to mountains so high and snow capped.Their shapes play the delight of the imagination. Colors vary from Peruvian meadows and forests to wide sweeps of mustard browns and mountains catching sunlight and shadow, where hillsides, barren of trees and rocks sweep before the wind, catch my eye in endless an warmth of yellows and shadows,undulating soft shapes so different from their eastern heights. Dancing with the sky.
We spent a lot of time at some very high terrains and for this we took some medicines which seemed to work quite well. We started ahead of time before we left and continued while we were on the trip.
The Peruvians have their own style of dress as do us all. Their day to day hats and the traditional clothing are colorful and the embroidery they do on every piece of clothing is magnificent. They really know how to cook.
While there we visited a school; and village where Dr Forest had created a school for the local children. The schools in Peru are not free and many of the people are very poor. It is very difficult to get an education and it is a blessing to have a person like Dr Forest to help and enroll us travelers in helping also.
It is so important to realize how truly rich we are in this country and share our wealth. But you knew that. A few dollars goes a long way towards providing a future for a needy soul.
These photographs are from Cusco. Our first stop after Lima.