I probably would not have heard much Flamenco music or even gone to a spectacular concert at the Strathmore in North Bethesda, MD, were it not for my friend Kerry who has the Duende radio program at WSHC 89.7 Shepherd University Radio from 3pm to 5pm on Sundays where she showcases Flamenco music. Flamenco is some get down vibrant and passionate music.

We have a lot of music in our town.Bluegrass, Rock and Roll, Classical, all kinds, so my thanks to Kerry for introducing me to Flamenco, a music of Moorish origins, alive with passion and poetry. As a fairly new admirer of Flamenco I was truly transported during  this concert.

Cantora Estrella Morente was accompanied bb Montoyita and El Monti on guitar, with vocals and palmas by Antonio and Angel Carbonell and El Quiqui, and percussions by El Popo. The palmas clap rhythmically and sing back up. All had a chance to solo and the percussionist favored us with song and dance. El Popo performed tender miracles never overwhelming the voice or the guitarists while providing a solid beat. We were also favored by the performance of Estrella’s brother Kiki playing flamenco guitar and singing.

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I was fortunate to have a front row seat at this performance. Estrella, towards the end of the program, descended from the stage and singing, walked around the hall, serenading members of the audience. As she walked in front of me, two feet from where I was sitting  she turned to me and sang to me directly. What an experience! I am still transported just thinking about that moment. The whole concert was a passionate experience.

Estrella Morente is a wonderful performer from a family of talented performers, nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2013, for her album “Autoretrato”. There is so much written about Estrella, her beautiful talent and poise, elegance and richness of spirit, her originality and try passion. Check Estrella Morente out on YouTube and have a listen to Duende radio show. Flamenco!

I am officially hooked!

This is a wonderful review from Estrella Morente’s performance at Carnegie Hall Saturday March 8th. http://www.carnegiehall.org/Calendar/2014/3/8/0730/PM/Estrella-Morente/